Lets' Party! 

Ever host a cocktail party and find all your guests congregating in the kitchen? Not that you could blame them. After all, why not go right to the source of good food and drink? At Mj Creations Sweets and Treats the kitchen is the party. Every Friday and Saturday or Sunday night, Mj Creations Sweets and Treat clears its counters for Party time!.

How does it work? Gather 1 to 12 friends or colleagues and enjoy your own private in home cooking party. While you’ll be doing your share of slicing and dicing, the primary objective is a good time.  For example arrive at "7:00 pm and settle into a snack with perhaps a glass of pinot noir or chilled chardonnay. Once you’re nice and relaxed, your instructor will brief you on the evening’s menu—one especially designed for your group. Then, the fun begins: tie on an apron, gather your ingredients, and get cooking. At about 8:00 pm, once you’re done sautéing and pureeing, you’ll sit down to a sumptuous two-course meal. After savoring the last bite of dessert, the party ends around 10:00 pm, with students taking home new recipes and cooking skills.

Learn about the unique products and flavors from the many countries that border the Mediterranean SeaLearn about two very special American regional cuisines - explore cooking from the bayou to Bourbon StreetLearn about the original American melting pot cuisine updated with a millennium twistLearn about the regional specialties of Northern Italy.Learn how to garnishing platters and party trays. Learn how to arrange cheese and vegetable displays and do decorative work like melon basketsExplore what an appetizer is. Learn how to make a variety of new wave or upscale hot and cold appetizers and garnishes.Learn to make stocks from scratch and to make the five master sauces. Learn about thickening agents and basic soup styles from consommé to cream.
Desserts Made Easy
Strategies and techniques for making quick and easy desserts that combine ready made ingredients to make special time-saving and delicious dessertsExpand your vegetable horizons. Introduces underused vegetables and starches. Applying basic cooking techniques and preserving nutritional valuePractice boning techniques on chickens and turkeys, different ways to use boned poultry for variety and cost savings. Apply different cooking techniques for different results.
Looks at different types of fish, matches fish to cooking techniques. Reasons for and techniques for boning whole fish.Looks at the cuts of meat available, how to cook different meat cuts, saving money in meat purchasing based on cut of meat, applying to right cooking techniques to different cuts of meat.Includes practical application of the principles and processes of cooking such as steaming, poaching, grilling, braising, sautéing, deep fat frying, boiling, roasting, and stewing. Additional food cost surcharges may apply to "Seafood" or "Meats" lessons, depending upon whether market price of items dictates. Food surcharge per person, above 6, may also be applied 


The cooking lessons may be on a technique or cuisine you are interested in mastering or some recipe or food problem you want to conquer with the class size limited two students. A Chef cooking lesson, beginning at $130.00- two course, lasts about two and half - three-hours; the tuition cost includes all food products and copy of recipes needed for the class. The Chef brings all tools and equipment needed for the lesson. The final products stay in your kitchen.

Personal Cooking Class  

A cooking class focused party with the Chef preparing a three or four course meal in your home before your guests. The cooking class is primarily demonstration, but party guests are invited to put on an apron, pick up a knife, and try their hand if they'd like. A Chef Personal Cooking Party, beginning at $180.00  -Three course (for "skills & technique classes" for 1-12), lasts about2 1/2- 3 hours. The tuition includes all food products needed for the cooking class. Chef brings all required tools and equipment to prepare the party. Our clients have found the cooking class party to be a very fun event -- if for no other reason that all the guests have an excuse to hang out in the kitchen which seems to happen to most parties anyway. The size of the kitchen has been the only limiting factor for hosting this type of event.

Two Course Personal Cooking Class --3 Hours -- 1- 12 participants -- starting at $130.00  Additional food cost surcharges may apply to "Seafood" or "Meats" lessons, depending upon whether market price of items dictates. The menu will be an one or three course meal.


Three Course Personal Cooking Class --3 Hours -- Up to 1-12 participants -- starting at $180.00 Additional food cost surcharges may apply to "Seafood" or "Meats" lessons, depending upon whether market price of items dictates. The menu will be an three course meal.

Four Course Personal Cooking Class --4-5 hours -- 1 to 12 participants -- starting at $210.00 . Additional food cost surcharges may apply to "Seafood" or "Meats" lessons, depending upon whether market price of items dictates. Food surcharge per person, above 12, may also be applied -- provided chef determines space will allow additional participants. The menu will be an three course meal. 

In this One-Day Workshop, The Chef will teach you how to plan stress-free menus for dinner for two or for an elegant dinner for the boss.  One Day Course - $900.00

This cooking class teaches how to prepare one week of food for a family -- in one long afternoon. The course involves menu planning, recipe selection, preparing consolidated shopping list of recipe ingredients, shopping, preparing recipes, presentation techniques, and safe food storage principles. Depending on a family's preferences, the training can involve all family members in the activity. This class takes between 4-6 hours.

The chef writes the menu, picks the recipes, and sides for each entrée. The Chef instructor reviews and discusses changes and works with client to complete menu. The chef then shops for the class, works with the client to organize the kitchen, works with client to cook and store menu recipes and helps client clean kitchen afterward.

The Basic One Course

This is the very basic Course for those of you who have hesitated to sign up for a cooking class because you felt you didn't know enough. In this Course, you will learn by actually doing the cooking yourself--with a group of people who are at the same level as you. Topics covered include Soups; Salads; Quick Pasta's and Pizza's; Sauces; Grilling and Broiling; and One-Pot Meals.

In these six evenings, The Chef will also talk about equipment you will need in your kitchen, the ingredients a basic cook needs, and suitable wines.

The Basic Two Courses

This second series of The Basics is designed for those of you who like to spend an evening on one subject. In this Course, The Chef will teach you a variety of delicious recipes, concentrating on such subjects as cooking Chicken and Vegetables; Fish and Shellfish; Risotto's and Stuffed Pasta's; Pork and Veal; and Beef and Lamb. Of course, you will learn suitable first courses and desserts.

The Basic Three Courses

In this Course you will learn to plan a menu with dishes that compliment each other and prepare a timeline for executing a menu, knowing what to do ahead of time and what to do at the last minute. Each week you will cook two full menus--one will be a weeknight meal that can be prepared quickly, and the other will be a menu for entertaining. The classes each week will have themes, such as Vegetarian, Special Occasion, Asian, and Holiday Dining.



Six Courses -  $640.00

Four Courses - $210.00

Three Courses - $180.00

Two Courses $130.00

Introduction to Cooking Techniques



Vegetables and Starches

Soups and Sauces


Parties and Decorative Food

Northern Italian Cooking

Southern Cooking

Cajun and Creole Cooking

Mediterranean Cooking