Money Saving Cooking Class



Money saving meals cooking class is a great way to learn about new foods and ingredients but most of all how to save. For me the idea of cooking classes was too great an opportunity to pass by. Using unfamiliar ingredients, so you could smell and touch them and learn would help yout something new to your everyday menu.

The cooking side was great fun –  you may prepared four colourful salads with very different flavours: a carrot salad with Middle Eastern flavours, a bread and tomato salad with Italian flavours, a salmon and noodle salad with Asian flavours, and a good old traditional salad – The Waldorf salad. I was, I admit, concerned about the fruit in a savoury dish – it can be a bit of a shock. But to my amazement this turned out to be the most popular dish!



Class 2 hours



What are you in store

Coupon Clipping

Fresh to Freezer

Semi- Homemade


Food Shopping Pricing


Two Hands On Meals Made In Class 

Cost $25.00 per person

 January 31 11:30 1:30PM  &  3:00- 5:00PM

February 21  - 11:30- 1:30PM & 3:00-5:00PM

Class Location: Richmond, VA 23234

Contact Marie 804-306-5528