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Cooking & Baking 8 Classes 

Cooking & Baking 4 Classes 

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Cooking & Baking Classes In Home



You will:

  • Focus on a specific cuisine or technique, from tapas and soups to breads and desserts.
  • Learn from our talented chef-instructors.
  • Practice new skills and prepare dishes in your home.
  • Enjoy a brief lecture, hands-on production, meal planning, and a wrap-up session in 2 hour.
  • Get a copy of recipes.
  • Cooking Classes
    Travel the world and explore the cuisines of Italy, Spain, or Asia; liven up your weekday meals with flavorful soups, one-dish meals, or gourmet meals in minutes; or entertain with delicious brunch foods or bistro fare. You'll learn how easy it can be!

    Baking Classes
    Baking is your passion, and we have just the courses to help you explore it. From Pie Crust to Gluten-Free Baking, there's something for everyone!

                                                                      These classes make a great gift!

Cost: 3 Classes $300.00           Cost 4 Classes $350.00         Cost 6 Classes $400.00         Cost 8 Classes $450.00


You can learn


Pasta Making







                     and more...